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So I'm trying to set my Yamaha 6.1 surround up as my family just moved. Speakers are YHT F1500 and receiver is RX-V459. Suffice it to say, I have all the cables presumably set up properly in regards to the positive/negatives for the speakers.

Despite this though, ONLY the rear 3 speakers are working. Could it possibly just be the speaker wires are ****** and need to be replaced? They're a pretty low gauge and came with the speakers, I otherwise have no ideas as to why only the rear 3 would be working. I made sure the receiver was set for 6 speakers, proper Ohms, and all of that. The cables are set up IDENTICAL to how they were at my old house where they all worked ... But now it's doing this. Please tell me it's not the receiver is messed up, I really do not want to have to buy another one

So anyone, please give me some insight as to what I've done wrong or what could be wrong. Thanks a lot in advance! I'm a total noob with this unfortunately.
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