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Hi everyone,

I just bought the Yamaha YHT6630B from 2001 audio video in Toronto.

The HTIB packages includes a Yamaha RXV663 receiver and a set of Yamaha 5.1 speakers.

I can't post any links yet, but a google search for the YHTB6630B should get you there.

At the moment I am not completely thrilled with my setup. It looks great but the sound clarity and power isn't exactly what I was hoping for. More specifically, the volume seems low. To illustrate I watched a couple movies and the NFL conference finals in 5.1 HD yesterday. I had to jack up the volume to -15dB to -10dB to get any sort of umph to the system, and it still feels lacking.

I live in a medium sized condo and the living room isn't large by any means. I am wondering if I have setup my speakers/receiver incorrectly or it is just the speakers or receiver itself?

I have already triple checked my speaker wiring. I am using HDMI cables to carry the audio/video signal from my HD cable box. From my DVD player the audio is over a toslink optical cable. I also ran the YPAO auto speaker setup included with the receiver.

I have another 10days to decide to keep the system or return it for a full refund. Advice/Feedback would be appreciated.
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