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Hoping I can get people to read this given the number of threads about sub buzz. So here's what I have already checked off the list

1. Buzz persists whether the RCA cable from the receiver is plugged in or not. So I take it that the receiver or the RCA cable is not the culprit.

2. The sub has a two-prong plug so that should eliminate any ground loop situations.

3. The sub is plugged into a UPS on the battery powered side so any noise in the powerline should get filtered at the UPS/battery.

That leaves me to think that the sub's power cord is acting as an antenna and picking up the 60hz powerline interference. With lots of other power cords around that must be radiating the nice 60hz signal, is there a good way to suppress this from being fed into the sub? Don't they build some sort of 60hz elimination circuit in all audio equipment?

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