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Yamakwa 375 or NeuNeo HVD108/208

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hey guys,

i just want to change my stand. DVD Player to an HDTV Player, but i dont know, which of em i should consider.
Yamakawa DVD 375 HDTV

This DVD Player offers 1080i @component, and thats what i want to have. But do he really upscale the stand. DVD Signal (480i, i think) to 1080i ? Or will the IQ be terrible?
NeuNeo HVD 108 or HVD 208

One of this nice player offers upscaled 1080i signals. So i can put a stand. DVD to it and he upscales it to 1080i right?

Good one more question about PAL/NTSC

I got an PS2 (PAL) but i want to play GT4 with 1080i, and the PAL Version of GT doesn offfer 1080i. Can i play an NTSC GT4 on my PAL PS2 ?


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