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Walked down the street to check out a yard sale in my neighborhood today. Turns out the guy had a pair of Pioneer Elite TZ-F700 tower speakers. I ended up getting them for $100 USD each. I felt the price was fair considering what these things used to be. They are in near mint condition minus the veneer pulling off the base in the rear of one of them. Got them home and took a multimeter to them and all the drivers ohm out correctly, the amps both seem to be putting out the proper power. placed them next to my RTI12 Polk speakers, ran one channel polk the other the pioneer. Although I feel the pioneer is a little more detailed, and definitely pushes out more bass there is something about the polks that I still like more (could be my jaded glasses). I am not even sure what I plan on doing with these things but I just felt like I found a treasure. Did I get a good deal in anyone else's opinion?


1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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