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Based on all the kind suggestions my queries on IPS panels and also best 37" LCD, I was leaning towards the Panasonic LZ800 for my parents who need it primarily as a large monitor. The 37" limitation is for setting up on the large workdesk and still have one's eye look DOWN at the screen, and not upwards.

Anyways, just found out that with VGA input, the great LZ800 cannot display at 1920 by 1080p resolution. This is a MUST.

So questions as we decide to go lower cost for them since the Panasonic IPS is out of the question.

1. What 37" LCDs will have full 1080p resolution when hooked up to a laptop via VGA Cable?

2. Cheaper the better, the thinner the bezel the better.

Failing that, we may go with 42 or 46" and put it OFF the desk on a lower stand so that line of sight is still downwards.


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