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Yellowstone 3D--retched

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I rented and just watched Yellowstone 3D. It has about 15 minutes of content that gets shown over and over. The 3D is clearly low-tech conversion--just awful. And no real color--very bland. Plus--the narrator's voice is clearly computer generated. I was in disbelief until a few times the words were mispronounced. This is absolute garbage. Considering the subject matter, this was the most disappointing 3D I've ever seen!
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They couldn't even get an actual voiceover? That's pathetic.
Wow, thanks for the heads up (down?)! Good thing you only rented it!

This is so sad that it's funny. I was actually laughing when I read your description!
I did worse - I bought the disk ("Yellowstone 3D - America's Greatest Wonder") but I have to clear up a few misstatements of the original OP. The color on my system was great as was the 3D which was native 3D (not post produced). The narrator was a real voice (not synthesized). That's about where my positive comments end. Though shot in the Park, there wasn't one scene with Old Faithful, the guest center, or any live person (there actually was one shot of the Yellowstone river)!!! During the entire length of this production, I believe I counted only one non-static shot which had some actual panning in it. Everything else was strictly static shots, a few, the exact same shot with different magnifications (lens focal lengths for the photographers out there). Booooring. Most of the shots were of pine trees and sage brush with some animal shots here and there (the highlights of the BD). A few of the elk shots were actually quite good (oops another positive comment). The original OP probably thought the narrator was a computer voice because some of the pronunciations were really strange. That's because the narrator was British or something thereabouts and didn't have a clue how "Sage Brush" is pronounced in the states. I had to do a double take on some words and wondered why an English (as in local talent) speaking narrator wasn't used for a Yellowstone Park film. Maybe because most of the visitors you see in the park are foreign (they probably grabbed one for this job). Not the worst Yellowstone feature I've ever seen, but not too high on the list either. My recommendation: A must buy for your European friends to keep them away from the park.
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I'm surprised you were able to get through it. As for the color, etc. I thought it very bland compared to my other 3D. As for the 3D, I'm surprised this was native as the 3D layering on my screen looked very cardboard-like--but I have a huge screen--159", so maybe that's the difference. As for the narrator, I thought at first he was British, but then realized the British have up intonations in their voice, which were not present--just monotone. That said, if it was a real person and the 3D was native--then the production was just another way to make a buck off of 3D, and that is what will kill 3D in the end...
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I watched it long ago "knowing it would be horrible, all 3D titles from 3D Media are"

The narrator is from Panama but yes he sounds like a robot a bit when he talks, the video footage was filmed by his friend in the US, sent to him and he edited it and threw it on disc fast for a quick buck just like all his other horrible so called 3D movies.

I have no clue how this guy "who pretends to be a massive production company" gets his movies out and sold in stores worldwide. It amazes me that he has so many crappy 3D titles out and making so much money off them by fooling people.
I finally got around to getting a copy of this. Picked one up on eBay used for less. So I guess the good news is it wasn't as bad as I had imagined but it still is pretty bad. Let's see...first it runs 52 mins when the back cover states 62 minutes. No bonus content. There's also at least 2 or 3 images on the cover that are never in the actual feature which is likely grounds for false advertising. Yes, the narrator has a thick German accent and doesn't work well for this. The music is over-used. There's about 3 or 4 songs that get looped over and over. And then there's an annoying audio dimming every time the narrator speaks. The Image quality looks like they used a 3D camcorder which is fine but it's not one of the better ones and as a result the image isn't as clear or detailed as it could be even with 1080p filming. I know I could have done a better job with my cameras. The camera work was decent at least, all tripod mounted so no annoying camera shaking or quick pans. Overall the camera guy did a decent job but then that brings me to the most disappointing thing about this feature and that's that they never covered much ground. They basically only went to two big features at Yellowstone and that's Mammoth springs and the Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone and then next to a creak and some shots of Bison. A lot of shots are over-used of these same areas. No Old Faithful or really any geysers that I recall. So I gave it 2 out of 5 stars on Amazon. I know it probably deserved 1 star but the camera guy at least did a decent job.
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