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yep another one.....

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need some advice on which sub to buy, ive searched and read enough to make my eyes bleed, but still am undecided. my HT is 15 x 13 x 9 and carpeted. Strictly for HT, no music involved, unless its MTV, which, they dont really play music anymore. Im a basshead, and enjoy feeling low notes, but also like tight, clean bass. I dont plan on spending more than say 600. and yes ive read all the 600 comparison threads. Here are my choices, and remember i have never heard any of these in person and oh yeah, size doesnt matter. TIA.



Velodyne 5000R

Klipsch RSW12
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I have to go towards the Velodyne here. The DSP allows you to nicely dial in the characteristics you want the sub to exhibit. I think it is the best in that price range hands down as far as the all out demand it is able to meet and it sounds dang good too. :)

After all it is a Velo.
RSW12 for $600.00!! I'd jump on it. That's got to be less than cost if you're talking about a new one.
Mirage S12 anyone?? anyone??

Hell how about two?

At %50 off list they are currently a steal from what I've read and researched. no?

my bad RSW10, not the 12.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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