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I'm looking for some general speaker advice. I currently have a tube TV (Sony KD-34XS955), an HK AVR 254, PS3, TiVo (series 1 philips, still going strong!), etc. I am currently using an old Cambridge Ensemble speaker system, but I'm thinking I'd like to make the jump to 5.1 sound soon. I think I'd like to go for an all-new setup rather than add on to the Cambridge, as the satellites have an f'd up finish problem, and they are not shielded, so they screw with my TV if I have them too close (2-3'...it's subtle, but I can see it).

So...my room is not at all suited to a proper home theater setup, so I'm not looking to blow a lot of money on it. I'd like to spend about $300-400 on speakers, all told. Here is an extremely rough approximation of my room:

I don't have much choice in the layout, as I am forbidden to place the couch in front of the windows, as the sun will likely make it fade. So, the TV is stuck in the corner of a rectangular space, which sucks for a surround setup. I put arrows pointing to the places where I think my best bets are for placement, and lines going into the room to show direction. Any advice on that would be appreciated. Also, what's the best spot for a center channel? On top of the TV?

For usage, it would be 60% music, 10% movies/TV, 30% games.

So, basically, I'm looking for a 5.1 system with fairly small wall mountable left, right, and surround speakers. I could probably get away with towers for the front, but not surround.
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