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So this is the last piece of my puzzle and where you come in. My "Home Theater" space is not so large (195 sq ft) pictured below. I do not need the top of the line sub but will want something that will keep my satisfied if I happen to upgrade my room down the line.

I know very little about subwoofers (brands, size, specs to look for.) My AVS name should have been Mr.Newbie. Any suggestions and input will help me greatly. Thanks.

Budget: Size: I have space for a 24"x 20" box (right of my TV)
Room Dimensions: 195 sq ft [15.5'x12.5']
Primary Uses: Movies > Gaming > Music
Appearance requirements: Black or Dark Brown preferred (Wife friendly
Timeframe: 12/7/10 (The day 'Inception' comes out!) I am flexible on this

Currently, these are my components:

58" Panasonic Plasma [TH-58PZ850U]

Onkyo A/V Receiver [TX-SR707]

5 Hand me down speakers (will upgrade later)

Sony Blu Ray player [BDP-S550]

5 Disc CD player

Xbox 360 via HDMI

Nintendo Wii via component

Comcast HD-DVR via HDMI

PC gets connected sometimes via HDMI

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A Lava 12" should do you nicely until the upgrade bug hits.
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