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Looking to get 3 - 4 pairs of in-ceiling speakers that will be used for the kitchen, dining room and living room (and possibly hallway). NOT the home theater (unless I decide to go with surrounds/rears but doubt it), which seems to be what most threads are about.

Just curious if anyone has experience with the mid to higher end speakers from say Paradigm and or others (e.g., the sa15rsm that retails for ~$500 or whatever each) vs say Polk Audio Rc80i's that go for $139 a pair on Amazon. Price isn't that huge of a concern, but given these will mainly be used for background music say 20 times a year sort of thing if that, I don't really care to spend a heck of a lot on it unless people think the SQ will be substantially better at lower volumes.

Ideally I'd keep the cost to under $350 a pair if the general feeling is that the Polk's SQ isn't that great and "speaker X at $Y a pair" (where Y is ideally

Yes, I know that last sentence started to sound like a math problem.

Anyhow, just looking for some opinions.
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