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yet another sambung calibration question

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have a sumsung HLM507W DLP and am ATTEMPTING to calibrate it (have the AVIA and new DVE disc which SUX!!!!)


Ant - n/a

Video 1 - Hughes DSS/Tivo

Video 2 - aux vid device (if someone brings over some unit that plays composite)

Video 3 - n/a

SVIDEO 1 - SVHS Player

SVIDEO 2 - aux vid device (if someone brings over some unit that plays composite)

SVIDEO 3 - n/a

COMP 1 - Sony PS2

COMP 2 - JVC XV-N5 DVD Player

COMP 3 - Samsung HDTV Receiver

This is (hopefully) basic:
  1. When I'm calibrating am I calibrating just that input or all of them?
  2. If I'm doing just the one input, how do I calibrate the other inputs - just hook up the same dvd player and test disc to the other inputs one at a time?
  3. If i have to calib each input and move the DVD player to each, then what exactly am i calibrating? The set to display THAT DVD on THAT PLAYER? If that's the case, then if by using that method - would the final calibration be OK for the actual device that uses that input?[/list=1]

    I have also read on here various discussions about firmware versions, SM and such, but while I'd love to be able to learn all about the real tech of this, I'd like to get the basics down first...

    Oh yeah - another Q: someone said that the firmware version is the number at the bottom of the first page in the SM menu - the last 3 digits on mine is 111 - does that mean im at verison 1.1.1 - isnt that kinda old? Id upgrade just for discrete alone if i could.

    anyway - main focus is the CONCEPT of calibration... and don't get too tech on me - im doing this for my parents and want them to have a good picture but don't want to get really crazy about it - i know some - but try to pretend i don't know much and u have to talk to me like I'm a 5 year old with a big display.

    thanx for all your help.
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Can you tell me where to get these disks (AVIA and DVE) to calibrate my samsung.


I must have missed allthe prior Sambung Questions, but it caught my eye.
Amazon.com has good prices and fast delivery. Just do searches for "AVIA" and "Digital Video".

(Sorry, I can't post hyperlinks yet.)
Sam Bung was the guy who sold me my Samsung.


I need a life.
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