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Yet another uss of VP and Mosquito for 1080i repeater!

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I have Yamaha DPX-1300 and MosquitoHDMI and Crystallio II(soon).

My HTPC has ATI 9600 XT video card.

When I set 1080i on DVI port of HTPC,

- Samsung LCD TV can display it.

- MosquitoHDMI can accept it.

- But DPX-1300 only shows black screen.

(Note this is not a HDCP issue. cuz there is nothing contents proctected - just window background screen.)

I have tried many 1080i variants with Powerstrip, but Yamaha can not display any of them.

But Yamaha works very well with DVDP via 1080i.

Who's fault?

My quess is:

- Yamaha is too tight to accept 1080i - only standard one.

(59.94 Hz only not 60Hz)

- ATI 9600 card may output 60Hz not 59.94Hz

I work-arounded this by intervening MosquitoHDMI between HTPC and DPX-1300.

DPX-1300 can display 1080i signal of HTPC when it is repeated by MosquitoHDMI.

(This is only way --- Hew!!!)

DPX-1300 is too tight unlike Samsung LCD TV on 1080i input.

So, this incompatibilty may happen with another kind of VGA card too.

Also I guess VP like Creystallio II can do this kind of repeating jobs.

Hope this to be useful to someone who had this kind of headache!
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