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Yet Another Wiring My House Question

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I know you guys must get tired of answering these types of questions, but I've atleast done some research...

I want to run one SIRIUS Radio in my basement and run audio to all parts of the house, shed and deck. To do this, I was looking at either RG6/RG59 with copper braid or CAT5/CAT6. Can someone run me through the pros and cons? Also any difference between RG6/RG59 copper braid? I know RG6 is better for long runs on normal cable is that also true for RG6 copper braid?

I know I'm probably going to run some copper braid RG6/RG59 incase I want to run video later. But I have a ton of CAT6 cable (4,000 ft) so I'd love to use some of that up first.

Also can someone recomend an inexpensive preamp to hook up between my SIRIUS Radio and the cable runs? I plan on using a amplified speakers on the end of the run in the garage/shed.
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IMO you should give up on the idea of running a low-level signal all over the house. Use a speaker-level or even better a distribution system instead.

a) a low-level signal is much more susceptible to noise. You're running it over very long lines, otherwise known as antennae.

b) you'll probably end up with a very low effective input impedance, causing problems with the preamp and possibly introducing distortion.

c) room volume controls are a problem. They would have to be well shielded.

d) You will have to run both signal and power to the speakers. That is a serious problem for a whole-house system since the speakers are set into the wall or ceiling.

Consider a 70 volt distribution system.
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I think I'd rather put in Squeeze boxes maybe 4 in the house and run a shoutcast server or something. distruibuted sound systems are quite expensive.
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