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I can only imagine the number of "use the search function" responses that'll come from this, but I figured I'd ask anyway. My search has turned up some useful information but it's hard to weed through it to find the answer I'm looking for. So here's the situation:

I just build a HTPC with a Bluray drive. Right now I'm running Windows XP but I'm planning on going to Vista MCE 64bit. I got AnyDVD and I am trying to rip bluray movies to my hard drive. I'm trying to figure out what software I need and how to use it. Basically I want to eventually have an interface to watch movies from without much backend interaction. From what I gather, mkv or iso files are my options and from my limited reading there seemed to be some good Vista MCE support for mkv files (as far as a simple interface).

I'm also hoping for a solution that involves having single files that play the movie and audio only, no need for subtitles, warnings, trailers, features, etc. I'm not concerned about how long the software will take to do its work either as long as its quick to load once I actually want to play it.

So what is the solution for my setup? On top of having absolutely no idea what programs I need to do this, are there any good guides on using the stuff? Some of it seems like it takes a lot of reading just to figure it out.

Sorry for the newbie post, but there's a lot of information out there pointing in different directions.

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