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This is what I want to do:

Video and then edit on XP sp2 PC using Premiere Elements, think 3.0 version. PC has a GB RAM and I have a 10,000rpm internal hdd.

As far as I can tell, I can't burn a dvd with hidef video, so which 3 chip camcorders should I be looking at.


1. PQ, PQ, PQ

2. No motor noise on media

3. external mic jack

4. manual white balance

5. can use the camcorder with battery attached on tripod

6. I think I'd prefer a minidv tape, but if not tape, i think i want to be able to control chapter creation on dvd/hdd - I don't want a bunch of five minute chapters that I have to deal with individually

I'd like recommendations for camcorders less than 1500, less than 1000 and less than 750.

Thanks in advance.
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