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Your Help = Your Gain :)

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Here is the deal I will make... if I end up purchasing the TV you recommend, I will give you a 1 year subscription to GamePro and Gamestar magazines, free of charge. Thanks to all those who help...

Picture . . . if you will . . .

Let's say you had $3,500 to $4,500 to spend on a TV in December. You want something at least 46" but not more than 52". You sit 8-10' from the screen in a more enclosed feeling room. You prefer the visual look of a TV without side speakers, since you are using a receiver with 5.1 surround, and length is more important than height. (Two bookshelves next to the TV on a wall - not much room for left to right growth).

You are REALLY excited about watching HD programming with a Comcast box, especially sports, and will be watching SD as well, and you have an extensive DVD collection. You love to turn down the lights, get comfortable, and feel like you are in a home theater, watching Gladiator, Lord of the Rings, etc. You will probably get one of the latest upconverting DVD players like the Panny S97 or the Sammy 941. Also, you have an Xbox and plan to do some gaming and you will be plugging in the PC from time to time to check out some games on the big screen.

Rainbows aren't a problem as far as you know. Sammy xx85 series is not an option because of design. CRT is a no-go either. Tabletop set is preferred.

If this was you, what would you spend your $3,500 - $4,500 on?


4 months of too much research a.k.a deer in the headlights
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Something else that should be mentioned... I have had the same TV for the last 9 years, so would like this new TV to last at least 5+ years. i.e. I won't be trading it back in, in a year.
hitachi 50vs810 / rp lcd --> many threads / posts on it...
Buying in December? I'll do the obligatory Samsung XX74 recommendation then - HLP-5074. Note, due to the thin bezel, you may be able to squeeze the 5674 in your space...

I have been eyeing the Mits 52725, but just found out today that the HDMI is "reconverted" into analog in the TV and this seems weird to me. Still on the list...

Wow... the 50vs810 looks very nice, other than side speakers - but quick question (will do a lot of further research) - how does one "easily" use a HTPC with this set?

5074? I though there was only going to be a 46 and a 56? Wife would love 46" but I am hoping to convince her of 50" or so.

Thank you to all who are contributing ideas - I really appreciate it!
Originally posted by Quill
I'll do the obligatory Samsung XX74 recommendation then - HLP-5074.

Except the Samsung xx74 rumors have the only sizes as 46" and 56", so no 5074...
Wait for the 52" JVC I-DILA with Cable Card and OTA tuner. They should be available within the next few weeks. This is the model I'm waiting. Well... this one and the soon to be available Sony 55"XS. I'll wait to see both of them before I decide which one to buy.
Don't know if I want any magazines, but....

I have been holding out for the new Optoma Sovereign series. They have the lowest overscan in the industry so gaming and especially PC work should be easiest there (no need for goofy timings to limit overscan). Also, there is a *front* PC input if you are only gaming from there occasionally.

The HD2+ sets should be out by Christmas and the 50" is supposed to run somewhere from $3500-4000.

They use an 8 segment color wheel that is supposed to give a 3500:1 contrast ratio. The non-glare screen is the best that I have seen, and the 50 " design is *tiny* and light (15inches deep and only 90 pounds).

Check out optomausa.com's press releases to see info on them (there are rumors of pre-ISF-ing of the sets. While some have questioned the utility of this, it seems that OOTB performance should be better than average).

My only caveat is that they have typically been somewhat slow to market (so who knows if their december timeline is right) and it may be hard to find in your area (which you never mentioned BTW). Lastly, be careful that the model number has an X in it instead of an H, as the H's will still be HD2 sets.
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I guess I should point out that I am pretty sure that the PC input is on *both* the front and back (front only would be weird).
Wow - more great suggestions! Thank you for the advice. I live in the SF Bay Area - San Mateo. Will definitely check out the Optoma Sovereign.
I think then that Milpitas (or whatever the name of their headquarters city is) is in your neck of the woods then.
Wow, Milpitas is just a few miles away from me...
We are looking at 70" RPTV models because of cost (don't want to spend 20K on a plasma). But with your price range you will be able to pick up a new Panasonic 50' Plasma around Xmas time. I would give that a top spot on your list to check out IMO.
Which model yuba? I would be willing to check out plasma...
given that plasma sets are susceptible to burn-in, and that you intend to do some gaming on the set, i would probably steer away from plasmas. i'm in a similar position. the mrs. would prefer the look of a thin plasma, but i need to be able to use the set for gaming without concerns about burn-in.
lodey - here is one of the new Panasonics that are getting great reveiws TH-50PHD7UY you can check out the comments in the plasma section, it is also being sold by the AVS sponsors i.e. Visual Apex, Plasma Concepts and TV Authority.
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