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Your Most Anticipated PS3 game and reason - confirmed games w/video/pics

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Personally there are a lot I want including the likes of GT and MTGS4 but I have to say having just watched the trailer for Final Fantasy XIII it looks breathtaking, although some of the clip is CGI, some of it appears to be in game because you see the damage being done to the enemies.

I doubt this will be out until at least spring/summer 2007 since FF XII only comes out on the PS2 in october.

visit e3 insider and search for final fantasy to see the clip, unfortunately I have yet to make 5 posts so cannot put a link in.
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Eight Days really caught my eye, and of course GT and NBA Live.
i8(or whatever it's called now), killzone(2 or 3), GT5
Ever since seeing paintings based on Smaug in The Hobbit as a kid, I have always been fascincated with dragons. Lair looked very impressive. I just hope the game play is just as good.
http://www.gamespot.com/ps3/action/l...ml?sid=6149511 (to view E3 trailer)

And who can knock EA - their sports are always blowing me away.
Final Fantasy XIII

Final Fantasy XIII Versus (huge FF fan)

Heavenly Sword


Resistance: Fall of Man

Lumines Live...oh wait sorry.

Eight Days looks great.
The one where you race offroad, which for some reason the name has slipped my mind.
Sooo....what happened to Killzone? I thought we were going to have some big unveiling this year...but, from what I've seen, it's a not show so far.

Heavenly Sword (the playable looked exactly like last year's trailer)

Eight Days


FF XII (Not a huge fan but after that trailer, I'm convinced)
Resistance fall of Man

GT HD (5)




Fomula One game

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The most impressive i would have to say is Unreal tournament 2007 and Heavenly Sword.

Those two really impressed me on how much we can expect from a next gen title, and of coarse MGS4 very impressive indeed.

Although they were only cuttscenes of MGS4 i'm sure given the past games it will look that way graphically.

Heavenly Sword is more like a femal God of War basically.. I was impressed by the smoothness when she fights and the style she used to kill.It all ran silky smooth and the graphics were really pretty looking.
This thread talks a lot about titles which are going to be coming out "sometime in the future", but really, shouldn't we be focusing on launch or potential launch titles for the moment? That is, sure, Final Fantasy XIII may be dope, but we all know it's not going to be available in the US for quite some time after the actual PS3 launch.

What's actually compelling in terms of titles available at launch or during that holiday season?
Originally Posted by skogan
The one where you race offroad, which for some reason the name has slipped my mind.
are you thinking of Motor Storm? when i saw the trailer for that last year i was definitely looking forward to that one. anyone seen any new videos for it?
Virtua Tennis!
Assassins Creed looks amazing, as does Lair.

I also think Motorstorm looks hella fun.

Too bad Assassins Creed and Lair aren't launch titles, and allegedly, Assassins was running on a 360 at E3. If the game were exclusive, it'd probably make me want a PS3 a whole lot more. By the way, has anyone seen the shaky cam demo of Brothers in Arms: Hell's Highway? My god, that looks amazing.

Check this out - jaw-dropping even in low-rez shaky cam

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