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Your Music.com

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Has anyone had any experience with this? It looks too good to be true. All singel cds are $5.99. They have a fairly extensive library. They promise factory sealed cds. No shipping charges.

What's the catch? Hope this post is consistent with this forum.

Thanks in Advance

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I signed up last month. Got my first disc 5 days later. The disc was complete but it did have the "manufactured for the record club" marking on the back but the product was all there. I think the trick is the club counting on subscribers to not keep their queue full and then being billed 5.99 for nothing. Although I have an extensive CD collection I was able to find 15 or 20 discs, so I'm good for the next year and a half. I too was amazed at the prices. One 4 disc Peter, Paul & Mary box set I have been looking at was 1/2 the price of other on-line sellers. A negative is I can not use multi-disc sets for queue fullfillment. They have to be ordered separately. The selection is not like Amazon or some of the others but it had enough to make it worth my while.

There are major problems with their search engine and what they considered related artists. I was looking at the Phil Collins list and Genesis was not listed as a related artist. I did a search on the The Byrds and got nothing found but I kept linking around and eventually turned up a good size list of Byrds discs.

The killer in the old record club deals was the huge S&H adder. That is gone in this deal.
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Thanks for the reply. I have been looking around the web for other comments and everything looks legit.

Have you noticed anything sonically wrong with the disk. That was my fear that they are selling a somehow sonically inferior product. Guess that's the good thing about digital music. If all the 0 and 1 are there then the music sounds right.
YourMusic.com is a division of "BMG Music" which I have been a member for years. I have never received a bad cd from BMG and I joined YourMusic.com last month and I have received two cds so far. I received my second cd yesterday. I received it 3 days after it shipped.

Last month they were running a special that if you signed up by a certain date it would only cost $4.99 per month plus free shipping, but I found out about it too late so I got the $5.99 deal plus free shipping but that is still a great deal. Just make sure you always have some cds in you queue because they will still charge you once a month even if you don't have any cds in you queue.
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