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I discovered that I really like photography here, reading the GW77 thread from markr041. I learned how to compose and shoot watching his videos and I learned something about post processing here, following a link to a tutorial site that bsprague showed me.

Im really into cameras that are good and portable. I dont like big and heavy pro stuff.

I created that thread so everyone can share what cameras they use for personal purposes, like family stuff, sports etc, what are the weak and strong points of their cameras and what they can do with them.


I will begin:

Sony GW77

The goods:

- REALLY SMALL - you can put it in your pocket and take it anywhere. I'll put a video sample where I shoot with one hand while riding a bike, and I was able to keep my girlfriend in the frame!

- SHOCKPROOF - really important if you want to take it in your pocket everywhere!

- WATERPROOF - people underestimate how AWESOME this is. I've made beautiful videos in the rain and underwater

- SHARP and DETAILED images - at wide angles this camera produces BEAUTIFUL images. you can compare it with big size camcorders

- 1080/60p AVCHD 2.0 28Mbps - great for watching in big TV's, great for slowmotion and great for post-processing

- SUPER WHITE TECHNOLOGY - you wont get the dynamic range of a blackmagic, but you will be able to recover in post 1 stop of blown out highlights. its great to bring back cloud details and when you shoot against light sources

- SHOOTS IN FLAT PROFILE - you dont get a lot of manual controls, but the camera already creates a flat image so its awesome to work in post. most people complain about how dull the image is. if you want to shoot and use the original video file, then you are better of with a camera like the RX100 or the LX7, but if you like to edit your videos, thats the one to go.

- GREAT OPTICAL IMAGE STABILIZATION - its not the new BALANCED STABILIZATION from sony, but its good enough for handheld action.

- UNBELIEVABLE ZOOM - the zoom is amazing. watch the video sample. in the begining of the video you will have a nice example.

- MACRO - you can go up to 1cm of your subject and keep your focus using wide angle or you can use the telemacro function.

-AUTOFOCUS - works like a charm. its really hard to lose a shot!

- LCD TOUCHSCREEN: great resolution, great for manual touch focus and manual exposure.

- NO MANUAL CONTROLS - wait!! is that good? in such a camera, I think so. you dont want to lose your time with manual controls. in 99% of the time the camera chooses correctly the settings for your scenes, so you dont need to lose time with menus. you just point and shoot. and things look good that way.

The bads:

- LOW LIGHT - forget it in low light scenarios. if you have a moderate amount of light you can still use it at wide angle, but at night or indoors with bad lighting, forget it.

- BATTERY - it drains fast. I have 3 batteries. With only one you wont be able to use it. with 3 you are good to go for one day of fun

- DEPTH OF FIELD - as everyone knows, small chip camcorder keep everything in focus. as you can see in my video you can get shallow DOF, but only in specific situations. its really hard and it doesnt look good

- BOKEH - the quality of the blur is really bad!! its made of losangle shapes and it looks really heaavy and ugly. You can see it in the spyder and flower shots in my video.


It was completely made by me

Only the GW77 was used

No tripods (as you will see lol), no artificial lights, reflectors, filters, NOTHING. only the sony

Those are small clips from a video I made with my girlfriend. the complete video has about 20min. of course I had to cut off the personal parts.

It was edited in Premiere Pro CS6


Sony NEX-5R

Since I dont want to get out with a huge 5DmkIII in my back I decided to buy that little Sony. I'll use it with the GW77 to fulfill its weak points.

It features the same sensor of the Nikon D7000, 1080p 60fps at 28Mbps and full manual control. It has a new AF, better than the one from the 5N. But I'll probably use only manual focus for videos.

I expect:

- great looking pictures (same level as great dSLR's)

- great low light performance (I have some fast f1.2, f1.4 and f1.8 lenses)

- great bokehs during the day and the night with my fast lenses

What I'll be using with it:

- NEX-5R body (the smallest one with the same performance of the big dSLR's)

- fast 1.2, 1.4 and 1.8 primes

- variable ND filter

- polarizer filter

I bought it, but it will be in my hands only in 3-4 weeks


Im waiting to see how good it is. It looks like a tricky camera. If its able to match the quality of the big sister, I'll buy one for day shots with HDR.

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For a novice you are learning awfully fast. Some very nice shots, congrats! (I looked only at thumbnails, haven't watched videos). I am not a big fan of most shades of cyan though.

"you dont want to lose your time with manual controls." -- you lose time with manual controls only when the controls are crap. Panasonic, for example, started ruining controls on its consumer camcorders since the HS300\SD300 and continues doing so, tacking more and more stuff onto very clunky paradigm. When done right, using manual controls is as pleasant as shifting a silky-smooth manual transmission.

I don't want to brag about my stuff, I had and have some decent cameras, but my abilities do not go much farther than geeking out.

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I like my GW77 as well. It's great for portability, unobtrusive filming of subjects, and shooting in all kinds of weather conditions- along with underwater filming.

Your video is nice but some scene color manipulations were a little excessive for my tastes. I prefer a more natural or very subtle color change of the images.
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