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Your Theater - REVIEWED!

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I am embarking on a project for a Home Theater magazine, where I review self done - DIY theaters. If you did it all, or simply wrote the checks for the guys who did, while telling them all you wanted, I want to hear from you!

Drop me an email at the address in my signature giving me a brief idea of what you went through to go from an empty room to a theater/media room. I will reply with further questions, or a simple thank you, depending on work load.

Jeff in Detroit
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My theatre was very inexpensive. However, many people tell me that the presentation exceeds very expensive home theatres.

The room was well designed for a theatre, with an arched ceiling, except that there is a lot of glass. The dimensions are 21X15. So I put bookcases along a side, carpeted the floor, and put drapes that can be opened and closed on all of the windows. The main door, and walls, were sound proofed 15 years ago.

The sound system is nearly 20 years old! (except for DTS and DD). The projector is a very inexpensive Infocus LP400.

The screen is a 19 year old Draper, bought when I had a Kloss Novabeam 10foot projection system.

I have spent a lot of time tuning, adjusting configuring, trying different components, etc. I have done all the work myself. (I did have a professional to tune the Kloss when I bought it 19 years ago, and a carpenter put in the soundproof door.)

I also had a 35mm setup when I was a kid. Built it myself from spare components. I had CinemaScope and 4-track magnetic. Nothing available today touches that presentation, of course. That system is long gone.

I believe that you can get really good results for little money if you try. Setup and configuration are the key.

Good luck.

Bob Smith

Palo Alto, CA
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Is it only FP? I have a HT w/RPTV built into the wall.

Theaters of all shapes, sizes, and technologies are welcome. I posted in the FPTV areas, only because I know they take a bit more effort and fortitude to get to the end results. A vast majority of what we consider Home Theaters now include 4-70" RPTVs, so all are welcome.

If this common theme of Northern California stays, I may need to make a trip for the interviews!

Jeff in Detroit
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