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Goal: Using TiVo(s) (or Cable boxes) in central closet to watch TV's in different rooms.

The original premise above was to gather all the boxes in a centralized location.

But with the introduction of the low profile TiVo Mini over ethernet & MoCA Coax - I can basically deliver live & recorded TV to at least 2 additional location above the main 4 tuner TiVo Premiere XL4- with not additional cabling.

In short, the goal is to allow TV in each room to have it's own tuner & TiVo watching ability but negate additional cabling & minimize monthly Comcast fees.

  • TV locations: 1 MBR, 1 Kitchen, 1 family room, 1 upstairs bedroom, 1 Loft
  • One 4-tuner TiVo XL4 - tuners would share Live TV & record simultaneously upto 3 TV location above= ~$750 with Lifetime service for the 1 PXL4 +$500 with Lifetime for 2 TiVo Mini's
  • One 2-tuner TiVo Premiere that could be split (ie both TV watch the same thing) with any 2 location above ~$500 w/ Lifetime service
  • House has Coax & Cat6 @ each above location - so TiVo signal can come come over via MOCA (coax) or Ethernet (Cat6)
  • BluRay & Amp only need to be dedicated only to Family room - not distributed

A/V guy Costs Comps:

This setup all with TiVo Lifetime service: (1) PXL4 = $750 + (2) TiVo Mini = $500 + (1) TiVo PXL = $500 = $1750 out of pocket


Comcast fees*: 1 AnyRoom DVR** = $20/mon + (4) Set Top Boxes = $50/mon = $70/mon***

* Estimates since they don't make it easy to tell

**Not available in all areas.

*** Does not include additional cabling upgrades to put all the boxes in one place with HDMI switchers &/or HDMI extenders = $1000

  1. How would IR & RF work to control the TiVo Mini's that would be mounted behind the secondary wall hung TV's?
  2. What am I missing in my quest for whole house TV watching?
  3. Is this a cost effective solution? based on above - my out of pocket cost = $1750 vs. $70/mon for Comcast box fees+ Switcher & cabling = payback period of 11 months.
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