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Hey guys sorry for my nube question but I'm trying to get a much better audio quality from the YouTube videos that I watch while drinking with my friends in my small budget hometheater setup.

I use my Apple TV to watch movies from netflix in 5.1 and also concerts and Latin music videos from YouTube. Will I get better sound quality from YouTube videos if I use the Toslink optical output from my Apple TV and connected to a DAC like the Cambridge DACMagic 100 then to my preout via RCA cables. And use the HDMi out from the Apple TV to my receiver to see the video part.

Will this somehow improve the audio quality of the videos in YouTube or this is not what a DAC is made for?

Right now I don't have any high definition songs or listen to them if in the future I do download them and have the DAC then I know for sure I will have a much better sound quality, but for now I want to get better sound quality from the yoube videos.

If I can't do anthing else to improve the sound quality from the videos just tell me and I will keep listening to them from my Apple TV which to me sound really good and I'll save 300 dollars that costs the Cambridge DAC.

In a year or two I'm moving out to a bigger place and then I will upgrade to a better system overall but for now this is what I got.

My small hometheater set up consist of:

Panasonic 65VT 50

Oppo 93

Lumagen mini

Darbee darblet

Emotiva UMC-200 ( just bought it waiting to get back to my country to set it up)

Emotive UPA-500

Powersound XV-15 subwoofer

Pioneer SP-FS52 tower speakers

Pioneer sp-c22 center channel speaker

Cambridge soundworks s205 surrounds speakers

Cambridge DACMagic 100 ( I ordered it one day ago but can return it if it won't improve the YouTube videos and concerts)

Thanks for the help.
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