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Z-Wave Automation System for the Mac Debuts

Garage-door manufacturer Wayne Dalton says it has created the first Z-Wave-based home automation system for the Mac.

The Houseport automation application is contained on a USB stick, and docked in a Z-Wave base station. When the two pieces are plugged into the computer, you can launch automation scenes from a remote control, operate the home real-time via the Mac, and gain complete access to the system via Internet.

Even when you remove the Mac from the equation, you can still use the dock and USB as a Z-Wave transceiver for controlling Z-Wave devices in the home. Wayne Dalton plans to come out with a Z-Wave router/modem that will enable full access to your Houseport system from any browser - no PC required.

The product, including the Z-Wave dock and the USB stick with the Houseport application is a mere $87. The PC version is just $79.

More details and images, including screen shots
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