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Hey guys,

I have been reading alot of different threads about how to properly setup your Z1\\1HD projectors to get the best image quality. Alot of them assume, the reader has a pretty good background in tweaking these projectors, which usually brings up more questions. My heads kinda spinning from all the different possible settings. My main goal with this projector is to watch DVD movies and DirecTV. I'm hoping to find one place to go to get this type of information. Maybe someone could setup a dedicated page or thread that had these setting. I would be more than happy to host this web page, if someone can write up the correct settings.

Ok here are my questions and I apologize if my questions seem alittle stupid, but this is very confusing:

1) It's my understanding that watching TV or DirecTV on these projectors does not look very good, because of the internal descaler. So do I have to build a HTPC with a TV in\\TV out card and use DScaler to get a decent TV image quality on my projector? Are there any better\\cheaper alteratives?

2) If I have to build a HTPC, should I even bother buying a progressive scan DVD player and just use the HTPC? If this is the case, I'm assuming I will need:

Internal DVD drive

ATI All in Wonder video card (VIVO)

Some type of DVD software (WinDVD, etc. I'm not sure which to use.)

Descaler software (for my DirecTV and Cable TV signal)

Sound Card with SPDIF input and output of up to 24-bit/96kHz quality to run to my Denon 1803

3) Is there a thread or web page, which goes into detail, on the basic software and hardware settings for an HTPC? I realize people will be using different components for their HTPC, but there should be some similarities. I'm also really confused about the 1:1 pixel mapping. I'm assuming I will need an HTPC to use this setting?

4) Is there a thread or web page, which goes into detail, describing the correct Service Mode and Factory Mode settings for the Z1\\1HD?

5) I read that using the Hoya Fl-D filter is a great way to improve IQ on these projectors. Anybody using this lens filter?

I'm hoping there is one place people could go to to properly read up on optimizing the image quality on there Z1\\1HD. If not, I can work with some of the AVS forum experts (i.e. you guys) and put together a web page for everybody. If you are interested let me know. Again, I want to thank you guys for all the help. You've helped me alot. Thanks again.
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