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Z2 DVI Cable and HD

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Just got HD today- watched the ballgame- WOW! I am currently using component cables- is it worth getting a DVI cable? Will I even notice a difference?

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I dont really notice a difference....but I'm relatively new to this. I use DVI to mt LG DVD player and component for HDTV.
I'd say no. Kick back, relax, and enjoy your GREAT HD picture quality!

If you switch to DVI:

It is unlikely that you will see any improvement.

It is much more likely that you will have some sort of problem.

It is certain that you will spend more money.

Most accounts report:

-little or no improvement, or...

-problems resulting in worse picture, or...

-inability to get any picture.

I have yet to read any account where someone was "blown away" by an improvement when switching to DVI.

Personally, I had some issues connecting via DVI. Issues I didn't have on component. So I use component for HD cable.

My DVI DVD player works great on DVI.


(fwiw I have: Z2-Motorola 6208-Momitsu DVD-Lindy 7.5m DVI cable)
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1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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