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I have had my Z2 for about a month now. I have really enjoyed the projector, but have had something happen a couple of times now that has me wondering what is going on.

I currently have my cable box connected via the s-video input (sorry, no HD yet) and my V880 connected via the DVI port. Last night I fired up the projector and it appeared to have trouble recognizing the incoming video signal (no pic). The projector was initially set to "Input 1" (s-video), but this problem has now shown up with the projector initially set to both the s-video and the DVI input. After attempting to resolve the problem by switching between the two inputs on the projector and by switching the source device on and off a couple of times, I give up and restart the projector (after the 5 minute cool down). After the restart, the projector has always worked as expected.

Here's the catch - after the lamp is shut off during my restart procedure, the fan will not stop running. "Cool down" is currently set at the default 90 seconds, but I have waited as long as 15 minutes before doing a "hard" power off with the switch in the back of the unit. This fan problem only occurs after I have trouble getting the projector to recognize the incoming video signal (turns off after 90 seconds otherwise). My questions:

1. Has anyone else seen this problem? If so, do you have a fix?

2. Since I only see the problem after I have trouble getting the projector to recognize the incoming video signal, is there a generally accepted "best" sequence to fire up the projector and input devices? I think I remember a DVI related thread stating you should power up the source device before the projector, but I'm not sure.

3. Along these same lines, does anyone else ever have trouble getting the Z2 to recognize the incoming video signal? I am most concerned here with the s-video half of this equation, as I have read about DVI related problems and I don't appear to have any of the problems specific to DVI.

4. And finally, after I am done using the projector and the fan has stopped, I have been turning it off using the switch in the back. Is this practice generally viewed as a good thing or a bad thing?

Thanks in advance for any help.
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