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Just got a Z2. When connected to my Apple via DVI, it displays beautiful colors for computer use and DVD playback.

Just got HDTV cable installed yesterday, and I have to connect the Z2 to the Scientific Atlanta 8300HD box through component cables because the Z2 doesn't actually have HDCP. The colors are horrible -- while blues and greens look pretty good, red is pretty much non-existant. In fact, anything that is supposed to be purely red is brown or gray. The result is that skin tones look orangish-grey, and there is no red to be seen.

Now I just realized that maybe the cable guy didn't hook up the component cables correctly, or that one isn't all the way plugged in. I will check this when I get home.

In the meantime, does anyone else have experience with this? I read a technical review of the Z2 which showed its color spectrum to be somewhat different than the HDTV standard, could this be the problem? Or could this be a result of using component connections vs. HDMI/DVI?
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That is an indication that the video decoder on your projector is worse than the one on your apple.

Find out when test patterns are broadcast on your HD channels and try to make the basic video adjustments. And of course first of all make sure the red cable is connected to the red port, blue cable connected to blue ports, and green cable connected to green ports. The complexity of three cables for a video connection is beyond the brain capacity of most cable installers!

You could try a digital interconnect with your cable box - but there is no guarantee that your cable box is any better than your projector at video decoding.
OK, the 3 component cables appeared to be hooked up correctly.

I did some testing, and it appears that the Pr(red) component output on the cable box doesn't work.

Is this common? It's a brand new box.
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