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Z2 owners, venting question

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Alright, I've decided I'm going to upgrade my Panny 300, I can't take it any longer. I can't stand you guys having more pixels than me. :)

I'd love to wait for the Epson 500, but it sounds like it's going to be significantly more than the current contenders. I'd rather buy another subwoofer or even an HD Tivo for that extra cash.

So I'm down to the Z2 or the Panny 500. Of course, I'm loyal to the Panny because it's been so good to me. But logically I know that they are virtually identical in performance, but I think the lens shift and the ability to open the aperture for 50% more brightness make the Z2 a nice choice.

But I've built this custom mount box for the Panny that has a hole cut in the back for the rear exhaust. And I'm not sure that there's enough room for the side venting of the Z2. Is it middle of the side? Towards the rear?

The box has about a 2 inch gap at the top rear panel that allows venting as well as that hole in the back. I'm wondering if that's enough room or if I should just bag it and go with the Panasonic.

I know no one can give me an absolute answer, but I just wanted some thoughts from current Z2 owners on the heat issue.

See my pics in the Gallery link to see my mount box for reference.
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Here are some measurements of the Z2. The intake is on the rear bottom.

The exhaust is on the right side (when standing behind the projector) and close to the front.

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You are asking for trouble if the clearance is only 2". You have a hole at the back, that's good for the intake air.

Can you cut a hole on the side for the exhaust?
Doesn't the Sanyo both intake and exhaust on the right side ? It seemed to me when I opened it in order to remove a dust blob, that there were two channels leading to the grid.
Thanks guys. I can't cut a hole in the side for aesthetic reasons. I guess I'll need to stick with Panasonic. It probably is asking for trouble with that little clearance.
Why bother with the box?? The Z2 is very quiet.
yeah if the box is for sound purposes then you don't need it with the z2 if you're going to be running it in low lamp mode.

Oh and the air intake is at the back.
No, the box isn't for sound purposes, it's for visual aesthetics. I guess sound shielding is an added benefit. My wife (and me too) can't stand the bare-naked-projector-on-a-pole look [don't mean to offend as I know that's how most people do it]. We just think it looks better to have everything hidden. You can look at my gallery pics. Other than the grills on the ceiling speakers, you can't see a single speaker, wire, or cable. The screen retracts up into the case hidden by the soffit and the pj is hidden from the sides in the box. Open the shades, roll up the screen and you'd never know it was a theater. That's just the look we were going for.

My wife "showed me the light." If I had been single, there would be monstrous tower speakers placed symmetrically around the room like Stonehenge and a huge rack of equipment for all to worship. But now I really think it's super cool. And I didn't compromise on sound or video quality either. It worked out great because she gave me a free pass to do whatever I wanted in there as long as she couldn't see any wires or speakers. Mission accomplished.
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Originally posted by jacksonian
... there would be monstrous tower speakers placed symmetrically around the room like Stonehenge and a huge rack of equipment for all to worship.
You say this as if it were a bad thing. :D When it comes to our equipment, I'd say worship is probably the right word...at least for some of us.
Oh no, it's not a bad thing. Like I said, I'd be using a crane to move my 500lb speakers around the room if I were single. Of course, then I'd likely always be single. :)
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