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z5 in ambient light

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Hello all,

I would like to know if anybody out there is using a z5 with little to moderate degree of ambient light in the room.?

-If anybody has any photo's of this could you please post.-

I'm really want the z5 but maybe the Epson PowerLite Pro Cinema 800 only because of the 1600 al..-ax100u is out of the question since I don't want to deal with the probs. that the projector has.

thanks for the help,

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Well, first let me start by saying the z5 was my first venture into projectors, and i was INCREDIBLY worried about how it would perform in an ambient light. I tried to research it as much as possible, but no matter how much research you do, only you yourself can judge. I personally was extremely happy with my z5 (Remember that this is my first and i have no real basis to judge it against.)


I took pictures for nearly every lighting situation possible in my apartment, the most important thing in my apartment is keeping the sun light out, the lights don't really hurt TOO much, but the sun light really seemed to kill the picture.

Just have a browse through those, taking special note of the Xbox pictures, if you look at the titles it indicates what lights are on, with me being able to read PERFECTLY the screen still looks great. All though with lights on conditions (every light in my apartment) you can start to see a decline. I don't know if the pictures do it justice, but i was extremely happy with my z5 and i am in the process of building a screen(Silver Fire Mix) to enhance its performance in the light.

The pictures of the PJ are taken projecting on to a Field Gray Laminate( See Laminate thread for more information)


I am in no way shape or form as knowledgeable as others on this boards regarding projectors, this is simply my opinion and my experiences with my z5. Hope the pictures help
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I can refer to several. All of them did not need significant assist in dealing with ambient light, but the practicallity of not having to dread the light like a creature of darkness always seems to win out. It seems even the "nuBes't" of those getting to know "PJ-ism" know Light Dark don't mix, but if somehow they can get the pleasure of "dark room" viewing, and ambient light viewing as well, then they qant exactly that.

Question is.....what get's one there the best way.

that's what I was looking for...

I was driving so could not finish the above.

The Z5 is among the very best LCD PJ around for a "Dark room" experience, but it's 1100 lumens also allow for excellent ambient light performance on a screen under 100" diagonal.

The Epson, is also a good choice if priced rightly, and it's higher lumens make dealing with ambient light even easier when combined with a correct screen surface. It's image quality, although not as highly rated as the Z5, is still very much in the acceptable to excellent range.

For maximum ambient viewing potential, I suggest something in the Silver Fire category. If ambient light is only an occasional nuisance,, a good neutral Gray will suffice, but to get it to do as well as the SF as far as the degree of color "Pop" available from a Gray, you'll need to Top Coat it (...the neutral Gray...) with a Poly mix, so the SF is a better all around choice, even for a Dark Room application as far as I'm concerned. It can be adjusted to any hue that best fits your viewing situation, and still deliver better ambient light performance than most anything else DIY oriented.
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If you wait a little while i'll post pics of the what the SF screen looks like with the Z5 lesko
Thanks BobDaMann,

I would like that.

Even thought i bought one today from VA.


I just bought a Z3 for $600, brand new but no full warranty. You would expect the same, if not better PQ than my Z3.

This is a 100" projected picture in my room with the pink wall as temp screen, and all lights on......

Can somebody please suggest some solid screen that's able to make this lovely projector very viewable with ambient lights on.......I really need it badly.....

one of the guys who got this fantastic PQ from his Z3 is using an

acoustically transparent Dazian Coated Celtic Cloth stretched behind a

Carada frame, really a jaw dropping PQ I would say:

but I am not sure how it looks like with ambient lights on....

Xscreen is another option, but due to its price and the narrow viewing angle, I dun think i would go for it.....
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"I just bought a Z3 for $600, brand new but no full warranty. You would expect the same, if not better PQ than my Z3."

Thanks for the images,

About how far is the z3 from your screen?

close to 12" and it was placed at the upper chest level when I stand on the floor.

I saw some people talking about using matte grey paint, or shall I go for matt white? I have decided to go with the bare wall, lesko, what about you?
Wow, the SF mix looks stunning it improves viewing in ambient light GREATLY imo. Everyone that has come over has "ooo and awed" it was a significant improvement. My camera doesn't seem to be working ATM though, so pictures will be delayed a bit
OMG!!! guess I have tons of weekend homework to mug hahaa....thanks MississippiMan!
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