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Hi Guys,

This is my first time to AVS-forum and I have read very informative hints. Although I cannot find any topic specific to my problem. Would one of you have had any booting issues with a Z560?

Recently, when I power my Z560 (font blue button), I hear the power-supply fan that kicks in, I read "HP DEC" on the front panel, but nothing else. The HP blue screen no longer appears and no bios options, and obviously no Windows

I installed Vista premium for more than a year by now, and I have also recently upgraded the graphic engine with a MSI-8500GT. Everything worked well for wuite a while. Few days before this issue, I have noticed "tservice.exe has an encountered an error and needs to close" while running the PC. But it was still running well after closing the error window.

As part of my troubleshooting, I have ordered a new IR HP-keyboard thinking that my Z560 needs to talk to it in the booting process. No luck, it still hangs in the booting process.

Anyone knows what going on with my Z560?

Your help would be appreciated,

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