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I'm looking to put together a higher end HTPC and am debating between these two cases:

Zalman HD160+

Silverstone CW02

I like some things more about either case:

- The CW02 seems to be about $100 more than the HD160+.

- The CW02 fits large fanless CPU heatsinks that are 160 mm high. The Zalman would only fit a Scythe Mini Ninja type heatsink.

- I like the HD cage/config in the CW02 more.

- The Zalman is smaller and would fit better in my cabinet.

I'm not experienced enough yet to know which might be better for cooling/airflow. I'm hoping to go fanless cpu, psu, and video card and rely on case fans and good airflow to do the job.

Was hoping folks here and perhaps owners of either case could provide their thoughts.

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