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Zam15 Equitpment Into - Past, Present and Future Advice, Thoughts and Discussions

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Zam15 Equipment Into - Past, Present and Future Advice, Thoughts and Discussions

Howdy! I’m new to the forum but have been dabbling in home theater for a while now, all the way back to setting up my room as a kid with my 13” TV and my first stereo receiver an OPTIMUS STA-3760 (100 Watt x2) . As a kid I was fascinated by speakers.
One note, I love Bass and have almost always had full range floor standing speakers, even if they were garage sale buys…

I first paired my receiver with bookshelf speakers, not much but coming form boom boxes and TV speakers it was like entering a whole new world! Tried Optimus XTS-10 (60 Watt), these were garbage. Also messed around with (Optimus XTS 40W 5" Cube) and RCA 40-5000 (2 Way, 3", 15w), but

Believe I also had some Vintage Kenwood JL-660s (3-Wau, 12” 140W, 40hz-20,000hz) for a time… remember having to glue the back panel due to vibrations

I’ve had Pioneer CS-G105 Floor Standing (2-Way, 10”, 100Watt 48-20,000Hz) Purchase from Circuit City

Eventually settled on a set off KLH 970A (3-Way 4”, 40 Watt, 90hz-20,khz), used these for the stereo rears… 5.1 wasn’t a thing yet..

The 5.1 Dolby/DTS Surround era!
I picked up my first surround sound system after working a summer job. Went with a l 5.1 Cambridge Soundworks Movieworks setup.
Center Channel II
Ensemble III
Surround IV
Base Cube 8 (8", 50 watt, 39 Hz)
Sony STR-DE685 (100 watts x 5, 20-20,000 Hz)

Eventually upgraded the front bookshelf to some Technics SB-2580 Floor Standing (4-Way, 12” 200 Watt) garage sale find but amazing upgrade for a kid, one woofer died so brought a replacement 12” from RadioShack and ran them until I handed it off to my cousin.

Took some vintage JVC Vintage JVC SK-S44 (3-Way, 120W, 12”, 35-20,000 hz) off my Dads hand and ran those for a while. Could have been a slightly better model? But this one looks close.

When my Sony Receiver died I worked my way into my current system a 7.2 Setup with:
Pioneer VSX-1124 7.2 (90 Watts per channel)
Emotiva XPA-2 Gen2 (300 WPC)
RTI-12s (500w)
CSi5 x6 (200w)
FXI A6 (150w)
PSW-505 x2 (12” 300 Watt RMS (460 Watt)

ATMOS Future:
Recently I’ve had my 2 PSW-505 subwoofers die from faulty AMPs (note I will not buy Polk subs again due to quality… ) so I’ve been looking into another upgrade phase to include a future ATMOS implementation. I’ve order a new 16U equipment rack, rack ears for my XPA-2, and an AC Infinity CLOUDPLATE T6 PRO. Just dropped it on my current stack and dropped temps by 30°F from 115° to 85° as measured on top of the XPA-2! So I’m looking at a future stack of Emotiva equipment now that they’re kicking out processors. Looking at an XMC-2 once they have HDMI 2.1 and an XPA-7 for the surrounds. Eventually picking up another XPA-7 and Polk V80s once I get to a permanent residence in the future. Any thoughts on this potential setup? Also recommendations on a subwoofer? Looking at SB-3000s due to size restrictions.


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To start off my next gen snail pace build I picked up a Middle Atlantic 16U rack, hopefully this will eventually hold a full stack of Emotiva gear when they get the next gen processors out. Had to go with a 22" deep rack as the Emotiva amps and rack ears are alone are 20" deep. Wanted something compact, same height as my desk and it matches all my speakers and gear. Not the highest quality but she'll do!


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