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I have a BenQ 6200 en route and I'm trying to figure out how to hook it up to multiple sources (HTPC, Tivo, Xbox). Since my Receiver (Denon 2800) does not have component switching, I am considering a Zektor video switch that takes both component and VGA on the input side and passively switches to one output, which then sends either component or VGA signal, depending on the input.

These are the questions I have:

- Will the BenQ auto-sense whether the input is component or VGA, or do I have to manually select the appropriate input?

- What type of cable can I buy (and where) to make the connection between the Zektor and the BenQ?

- I need a DirecTV receiver with HDTV support that sends all audio signals via its optical output, even non-5.1 broadcasts (because the Zektor only has an optical out left if I use its analog audio out for VGA). Does this exist, ideally also with an off-air HDTV tuner built-in? I looked at the Samsung SIR-TS360 which looks promising, just not sure how it handles non-5.1 audio. I suppose that if I have to stay with analog out for non-5.1 sources, I can just hook the audio directly to the audio receiver and do the audio switching there (between Zektor and DirecTV analog), but I'd prefer to do all the switching in the Zektor for ease-of-use.


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