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Zenith 895/900X vs Sony 1272Q....Help me decide!

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After talking to numerous people in this forum (both privately and publicly), I have decided to spend my hard earned money on a CRT rather than an LCD or DLP.

I have narrowed my choice down to 2 (based on availability and price):

1. Brand new Zenith 895/900X

2. Used (1500 hours) Sony 1272Q

I can get both for about the same price. No worry about teh Sony being used...it is coming from a reputable dealer who stands behind their products. Primary use will be DVD and HDTV (HTPC).

Any and all advice is welcome!

Thanks for your help!

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OK....I lied ;)

The Zenith would be about $1000 more:

Sony = $1500

Zenith = $2500
Well, assuming that the Zenith has the 900x scan rates, then I would probably spend the extra money on the Zenith. It has liquid coupled lenses for better contrast, and from what I've read, better setup and calibration controls, which should allow for a sharper picture. I have a 1271 and have though about upgrading to the Zenith.

Buy the used Sony, the Zeniths have been discontinued because they have weak power supplies. The 1272 is one of the most reliable crt projectors ever made. and is vastly easier to set up. It gives up very little in pic quality to the Zenith.
Another vote for the Sony asuming it has original low-hour usage.

The Sony one is more suitable for using HTPC, it has higher horizontal

scan rate and higher RGB bandwidth (75mhz vs. 40mhz !).
Allen, truly? I did not know that about the Zenith. Good thing I decided not to buy one then.
Talia at HammerHead Tech gave me a great deal on a 1272Q with 900 hours on all bulbs so I jumped on it! It will be shipped tomorrow (with a ceiling mount) and I should have it in 5 - 7 business days!


No more crappy RPTV!

Time to start doing some reading about this particular model so I will know what I'm doing when it arrives. If anyone can point me to some helpful threads/links about calibration, settings, connections, etc, I'd appreciate it!

I plan on eventually hooking this up to an HTPC, but that won't be for a while ( a few months anyways). Would I not be doing the PJ justice if I didn't have a line doubler right off the bat? I already know taht I need to invest in a transcoder to pump the signal from my Denon 4802.

BTW...that reminds me. When it comes time to do HDTV, will teh Denon 4802 be able to handle the video signal?


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