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Zenith P50W28 HD (used) a good deal?

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I have an opportunity to pick up a lightly used Zenith P50W28 for 2999. Only issue is it has a tiny scratch at the lower center of the platen glass front end. Not noticeable from 5+ feet away. Its got a few little scratches around the outside bezel but certainly nothing to write home about.

What is the general opinion on this model? Does anyone own one, I saw a number of positive reviews, but quite honestly Im only considering this because I THINK its a deal. Ive been turned off by plasma black levels for sometime now, but this is just one of those deals I think shouldnt be passed up. I remember this TV was selling for 8999 at one point and time, but I dont know how the current 50 inchers stack up. It does have HDCP DVI, but I was a little turned off by the blacks right away, AS USUAL with any plasma ive demoed

BTW... Did anyone know that Pioneer makes a 4:3 Aspect ED unit? I saw it yesterday at American Eagle at the mall, it was burned in so bad the center quadrant pixels couldnt fire properly anymore, but otherwise a cool design, other than this I think only Zenith makes another 4:3 Plasma.
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Where are you getting this for $2999?


Chris B
Trust me, it is DEFINITELY a single unit or id let you know.

Im curious if anyone has an opinion on these, the Zenith/LG Products dont show up here too often.
The newer Zenith's have a pretty good rating that is 38th series onwards.

They are all LG glass.

One thing to remember about the Korean outfits is that they are still on their 3-4 generation set. While the Japanese are atleast a couple of generations ahead. Panasonic for instance is on its 7th generation.

Make no mistake the newer LG & Samsung sets are very good, just a little behind the japanese.

The 28 in particular probably is a 2nd-3rd gen set. If I remember the black levels were pretty bad and the quality of glass was relatively poor in color and saturation. It should have a Froudja DCDi which is top of the line. Try watching the TV in darkness with some challenging DVD motion.

The 50w38, a much much better set is available for about $4000 online.

With no warranty, some abuse, unknown use, no warranty, relatively poor performance, and did I mention no warranty I'm not sure if this is a good investment of $3000.

Esp. when some really good spanking new sets are available in that price range just not 50".
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I was never that impressed with the P50W26/28 series. The contrast ratio was in the 600 range, and they utilized some sort of reddish tinted filter on the screen that did not seem to be able to be neutralized by adjustments. The pictute always looked a little red.

well myself and a number of others have new excellent 42 inch Zenith set with Faroudja de-interlacing. There is a thread about it


it has 5000:1 contast ratio and is made by LG. I think it is comparible with a Panny 25UP. But I think your 50 inch maybe an older model
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