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Zenith plasmas

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Does anyone have a Zenith plasma and are you happy with it. There is a new Zenith 50inch HD plasma P50W28 out and I am looking for feedback on Zenith.

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Zenith will be releasing their next generation Plasma in a few months. The 50"offering is going to be the P50W38. This unit will have a contrast ratio of at least 1000:1 and a brightness of 1000 cd/m. Faroudja DCDi will still be the scaler. It is supposed to be outstanding. I personally have yet to see it so I am going by what is written.

The P50W28 is basically the same unit as he P50W26 (I think they changed the bezel).

They will also be coming out with two LCD panels with a native resolution of 1920 x 1080. They will bre 42" and 52" offerings. I have tested their 30" LCD and was very impressed with its quality and good looks.

Personally, I am going to wait to see the next crop of flat panels prior to purchasing. I Think you will see that the majority of users on this forum favor Fujitsu, Pioneer and Panasonic.all outstanding panels but LG/ Zenith will be making a big splash in the coming months, thats for sure.

Stay Tuned.......
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Zenith plasma are provided by LG Electronic and so far both have mediocre ratings from all the reviews that I have seen. I saw a Zenith42" at my car dealership customer waiting area with SD feed and I am not impressed by the picture quality. The next generation could be much improved though and we shall see!
I have seen the the P50W28 both in SD and HD and was impressed with the quality of the picture. No artifacts to speak of. What it did not do as well as the others is the blacks, it seemed smeared, no detail.

Most displays, regardless of cost are going to give you a less that optimal picture from a SD signal. Mostly because satellite and cable companies use a VERY compressed signal to deliver the images.
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