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Buffalo 8 Options Mark Tufo’s ‘Zombie Fallout’ For TV Adaptation

EXCLUSIVE: Mark Tufo’s popular book series Zombie Fallout is coming to TV. Peabody Award-winning producer Steven Adams and Marketing Executive Theo Dumont from Buffalo 8 are partnering with Tufo and Executive Producers Brad Thomas and Weston Scott to bring the undead franchise to life.

An adaptation of the series was in development in 2016 but never gained traction. Now, the IP has fallen into the hands of producers that are determined to bring the story of Zombie Fallout to television. The best-selling Fallout series includes 14 books, audiobooks and graphic novels. The dark comedyfollows a community of heroes, monsters, cowards, and misfits struggling against a world dominated by zombies. The adventure is about a family that is hunted by zombies as well as a 500-year-old vampire named Eliza.

At the center of the story is Michael Talbot, an average, middle class, Marine veteran. Unhappy with his monotonous life, Michael is bracing himself for the apocalypse and is a germaphobe that grew up obsessing over zombie movies. That said, he has secretly always dreamed of a zombie apocalypse. Fallout examines conflicts that arise when Mike, encircled in what seems like a safe haven, realizes that the survival of his family depends upon the very same people he tried to avoid in life — like his townhouse community neighbors and H.O.A. board members.

Zombie Fallout is a continuing labor of love, sweat, and tears,” said Tufo. “Originally one book, this thing has become an entire universe. It’s gone farther than I ever imagined; it’s become a reality.”

Thomas has worked on various shows as a showrunner, producer and director while Scott, a United States Marine Corps Non-Commissioned Officer, has worked for the military media brand We Are The Mighty where he developed campaigns and shows for Amazon Studios, CBS, Sony, Lionsgate, Paramount Studios, Universal, MTV and others.

Adams is a manager and producer whose work includes the Netflix Original adaptation of Roger Guenveur Smith’s solo performance piece Rodney King directed by Spike Lee. He also worked as VFX Executive Producer with Paris-based VFX House BUF, his credits Avatar, Life of Pi and Thor. As partner in Luna Rey Media, Adams Produced the Peabody Award-winning A Huey P Newton Story also directed by Spike Lee.

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