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As the title implies, I have an AVR-3312ci. I have set up Zone 2 as the kid's downstairs playroom. What i lack is an easy control for the stereo downstairs that the wife / nanny can use. For instance, a way to turn on the system and start up pandora from downstairs.

one possibility could be the denon iphone remote app, and perhaps mounting an ipad touch.

But i've been very disappointed the app. If I try to turn on just zone 2, start net/usb, start pandora and select a station, it fails to start. For some reason i have to have zone 1 on to begin with. Furthermore, i need to leave the network activity of the denon turned to on, which consumes unnecessary energy and leaves my USB fan powered-on. (connected to USB port on denon)

Do you have any suggestions for controlling the denon remotely? Ideally a power button, full range of remote, and some sort of display - but I'd be interested in any options you have implemented.


1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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