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Odd question:

I currently have 2 separate systems in my living room.

1. Tube - 2 channel, with integrated tube amp, Silverline speakers, TT, CD, etc.

2. HT with Lexicon, Proceed, B&W, DVD, BD, etc.

I am considering replacing the Lexicon with a Marantz AV7005 and would like to integrate the sources into the Marantz.

Is it possible to run all sources into the Marantz pre/pro and have a Zone2 output to the Tube integrated amp input (aux). I have no HT bypass function on the tube integrated amp.

In doing this, I assume both volume controls would be active (marantz and the integrated). Would this be a problem? Should I leave volume control at a certain level (high, low, mid,??) and just use the other? I am not concerned about volume matching, just don't want to damage the tube amp or speakers.

Also, I assume there is some SQ degradation to do this, any thoughts on how much?

thanks in advance.

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