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Ok, It's done.

Zoom Player v2.10 final is ready, here's what's new:

* Revamped the installer configuration.  It now gives you more
   options and creates more shortcuts to important files.

 * Zoom Player should now work on older operating systems, even
   on NT4.  However, some of it's functionality may suffer if you
   use older versions of DirectX which lack the interfaces required
   by some of the newer functions.

 * Added a system to manually insert specified filters into the
   Filter Graph.  This should allow for all sort of interesting
   effects.  By default the "zplayer.filters" filter file is loaded.

 * New Manual Filter File selector within the options dialog.  You
   can use it to determine which filters are assigned to the next
   loaded media file.  You can also disable the Manual filters
   interface through this dialog.

 * New Manual Filter File keyboard macros to switch between files,
   Alt+"PgDn" switches to the next filter file.
   Alt+"PgUp" switches to the previous filter file.

 * Since filters can now be inserted manually, I have reintroduced
   the Frame Capture function.  For it to work, you must insert a
   Sample Grabber filter, to save you the work, I already set it
   up in the "default.filters" file, all you need to do is uncomment
   the "LoadFilter" line.  Frame Capture is turned off by default so
   that it won't disable the overlay support and slow down decoding,
   you should only use it when you want to take frame captures.

 * You can now load an additional external audio track.  Enable
   this feature in the options dialog and then simply name
   the audio track with the same name as the video you are
   loading, with either the ".MP3" or ".WAV" extension.

 * This is a bit complex so read carefully.  I have written a
   system that allows you to dynamically save specified information
   about media files which can be automatically restored the next
   time you open the file.

   This system is comprised of two parts.  The first part is defined
   in a file called "zplayer.zdf" within the Zoom Player directory.
   This file contains definition as to what information should be
   saved about the currently opened file.

   The second part is the actual Definition File (".DF" extension),
   there is a sample definition file called "default.df" which
   explains the structure used by the file.

   Furthermore, I have added a keyboard macro to save the specified
   information for the currently open file.  You can use it by
   pressing Ctrl+"D".

   Once pressed a file will be created with the same name as the
   currently opened file, but with the ".DF" extension.  The file
   will contain all the data specified in the "default.zdf" file.

   I have intentionally disabled this entire system by default.
   If you want to active it, you must do it through the
   Options->Settings interface.  Furthermore, since this system
   can also import and export registry entries (so you can save
   Codec-specific data [such as DivX brightness]), I have also
   made it so you must specify that you want the registry data
   to be loaded (for additional security ...).

 * Definition files can be loaded as if they were a standard file,
   this allows you to make a specific definition file and plant
   it in a play list so it effects the settings of every file
   played after it.

 * Revamped the Chapter Editor for Media files.  The format now
   supports a name for each title.  Backward support has been
   maintained for the older format.

 * You can now select the DirectVobSub subtitle track through
   the right-click context menu.  This also gives you access
   to an option that vertically flips the screen through the
   DirectVobSub filter.

 * You can now automatically disable closed captions when opening
   a DVD (if the DVD allows it).

 * DVD Access to all menu types through the right click context menu.

 * The left mouse button can now optionally be used to move the
   window when dragging the video area (Thanks to theSelkie for
   supplying me with the undocumented code to do this).

 * You can now move the window using the arrow keys as long as
   you're not zoomed.  You can specify the number of pixels moved
   in the options dialog (Keyboard Window Move).

 * New Ultra Minimalist skin.  It's basically just a 3-Pixel border
   around the video with no GUI controls at all.  I recommended
   setting the left mouse button to move the user interface, otherwise
   you'll be forced to move the window using the keyboard.

 * New keyboard commands (and associated functions) for changing
   the play rate (play rate bar).
   Alt+"Home" increases Play Rate.
   Alt+"End"  decreases Play Rate.

 * New keyboard command for opening an entire directory, pressing
   Alt+"D" will let you select a directory to load.
   All sub-directories will also be searched for playable files.

 * You can now resize the main user interface using any of the
   window borders.

 * Switching skins through the skin selector will now screen-center
   the window.

 * The Filter list will now display ALL filters.  Only filters with
   property dialogs are enabled (well, duh).

 * The Keypad numbers can now be used again for setting presets
   (numlock must be on).

 * Overlay color key should be retrieved directly off hardware
   in Windows XP now (when the filters file is set to use the
   uncrippled Video Renderer, which it is by default).

 * When exiting Zoom mode, the window size will now return to the
   same size it was prior to entering Zoom mode.

 * You can now enable/disable the "Places" bar on the open/save dialogs.

 * You can set the Play List and Presets windows not to screen center
   when appearing and going to fullscreen mode.  This is useful for
   multi-monitor support.

 * The play list window position is now saved in case you have it
   set not to dock or screen center.

 * The currently playing item is now highlighted within
   the play list.

 * By default the play list is cleared when you open files or
   directories from the main user interface.  You can now disable
   this and instead have the files appended to the play list.

 * The Play List is no longer automatically sorted.  Multiple
   files will be added to the end of the list and sorted
   alphabetically according to their directory.

 * You can now select multiple entries within the Play List and
   move them around or remove them with a single click.

 * The Play List "Add Dir" function will now recursively add all
   directories under the selected directory.

 * The Play List will now stay on top of main window and position
   itself properly in Zoom mode, even when the docking setting is

 * For some reason, I have seemed to overlook a keyboard macro for
   accessing the Play List.  So now you can open the play list
   window by pressing Alt+"L".

 * I also forget a keyboard macro for opening the chapter editor,
   You can now open the chapter editor by pressing Shift+"C".

 * File association is handled slightly differently which may
   fix any previous issues.

 * Fixed a rare bug in which slowly loading clips (huffyuv codec)
   would load, close and load again when run through an association.
   This basically caused a slight blink at the start of playback,
   this was a rather cosmetic bug.

 * If you had the video positioned outside the visible screen area
   and loaded a new video, the new video wouldn't position properly
   until you resized it.

 * When Auto-Size user interface was used, opening a new clip may
   not have resized the video properly.

 * If minimized to the system tray, zoom player should no longer
   pop any other tray icons by accident when it's restored.
   Also updated the icon graphics.

 * Fixed a lot of cosmetic bugs when Zoom Player is run for the
   very first time on a clean system.

 * Keyboard macros now work when Zoom Player is run on a clean
   system for the very first time.

 * The "/PR" command line parameter wasn't functioning correctly.

 * Hopefully fixed some issues when windows was set to Large Fonts.

 * Optimized some of the skin math code.

With installer: http://pisho.net/dvdgenie/zplay210.exe

Without installer: http://pisho.net/dvdgenie/zoomplayer210.zip

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Originally posted by hmcgrath

Easy way to read this, I just highlighted the text.
Man, I just gave myself serious eyestrain. ;)

Good hint. I'll remember that one...

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Blight -

Looks like you've been very busy. ;)

I've seen the other announcements on this but already had DVD's playing fine and never quite got around to trying this.

But it's time, and it looks interesting. I promise to do this one.

Note to everybody else: If you set your profile to VB defaults or something like that you'll get black on grey text. It no longer looks like AVS, but you can read it on an RPTV.

- Tom

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Blight, your player looks like it could be a very fine player indeed, but a beginner like myself could sure use some help. First of all, will this player run on Win 98 SE? So far I can't get it to do anything on my SE machine. I found a little documentation on your Inmatrix site, but is there a thorough, complete text file that I could download so that I could better understand how to use this player?

From reading some of the other threads here, people have talked about using video and audio filters from other DVD players, and then using Zoom Player as a front end (which I assume I can't do on my SE machine). Do I need to run your player on a different (I hate to use the word "better") OS, regardless of whether or not I choose to use other filters? Or are there no filters included with Zoom Player to begin with, which is why I would assume that the executable is so small?

I'm not stupid, just not educated, so I could really use some help here :)

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We need to change those values by modifying HKEY_CURRENT_USER\\Software\\ATI Technologies\\Multimedia\\Features\\DVD

Maybe it is possible to add a couple of sliders to change DWORD value in the registry.

That should be quite similar to DC Genie, right?


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do you think the same reg entries can be entered into the registry for the new cineplayer 4.0? the ati player uses an older version of this.

My guess is no, beause this new cinemaster uses DXVA and I have heard that nobody has engineered this kind of control.

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Originally posted by [email protected]
We need to change those values by modifying HKEY_CURRENT_USER\\Software\\ATI Technologies\\Multimedia\\Features\\DVD
No this doesn't work, as those entries are only used (better "should be used :D ) by the ATI-Player frontend, NOT the decoding engine. As ZoomPlayer replaces the frontend, changing settings here, has no effect.

I tried ZoomPlayer RC last weekend with no success. It crashes my System. I will give it another try perhaps this weekend. I tried it with WinDVD 3.0.55 PowerDVD 3.0.0905 and the ATI 4.1 filters, Win 98SE German, SB-Live 1024, Radeon SDR 7093 and 7189, German PAL DVDs Region 2


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is it not legal to write a code which would assist in registering and unregistering the filters?

does zoomplayer and dvdgenie work best when all of the filters are located on drive c: or does that not matter.

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Bob Sorel,

Blight's player works fine in Win98SE. I think the problem you are encountering is that Zoom Player, when first run, defaults to media file playback mode. In order to get Zoom Player to get to DVD playback mode, you will have to press F10 (I think that is the right F key). I hope that helps.


Great job my friend. Keeping yourself busy it seems :).

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I think Blight is after mrore general feedback, rather than feature requests now.

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Blight, thank you very, very much for writing this great little program. It allows me to use Cinemaster filters with your Zoomplayer front end. I use it with Win98SE/Athlon 1.3/384 MB/Geforce2 GTS Pro/Hitachi 12xDVD and LT150 PJ (nonzoom). I can zoom image in or out to fit my 16:9 screen which is great for 4:3 tittles like Willy Wonka, Cats and Dogs, etc. Before this program I had to use YxY which is difficult and complicated or move the PJ to zoom or unzoom. In light of Theatertek $70 price for a dressed up version of Zoomplayer, I really appreciate your FREE player. Thank you again and I'm sorry you don't get more appreciation or feedback. I for one DO appreciate your hard and original (you were before Theatertek) work :) I will not pay $70 for a fancy Zoomplayer :)

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I downloaded this a few days ago and didn't get a chance to install it until last night. Anyway it seems very stable on win98SE but I have a few questions (I still have to read the manual so sorry if its a silly question!)

1) When watching some 4:3 material I presume there is a way of making this in 16:9 format ?, how would I do this in the software (I`ll read the manual later just got in from work!)

2) I use mediaplayer 7.x and really enjoy the SRS audio 3d effects and the bass enhancements. Are there any plans to add this type of feature to zoomplayer or perhaps allow DFX (winamp) plugin to handle these types of effects?

3) Any plans to have a different user interface with large buttons for projector people?. Maybe I should get a pronto and program the key combinations instead :)

Thanks again for another free player which looks very promising.

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Well, I just tried it.

Have I ever mentioned on this forum how much I really really hate copy protection? :(

I get a "key exchange for copy protection failed message".

Then a access violation at ..040 accessing ffffffff.

I just threw it on and tried to play a DVD. I usually use PowerDVD, which still works.

Anybody know what this means?

- Tom

PS - I have a WinTV-HD card. Is this like the problem with the HiPix and the ATI player?

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I had the "access violation" problem when trying to exit the player. I am using Windows ME. I did a remove (thorugh the control panel) rebooted and then reinstalled, and everything is working great.

The UI is hard to understand at first, but I like it now. Now if some artitstic dude or dudette could designa sweet skin, we'd be set.

I've seen some user designed skins on the zoomplayer forum at inmatrix.com, if anyone is interested.

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I had zoom player working well with the intervideo audio and dscinema video, with S/PDIF out, but now I myust have done something wrong and the S/PDIF option has been greyed out.

anybody know what I must have done?

WinDVD runs fine in SPDIF.

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Hi Blight,

I was playing with it last night with PowerDVD video filter and WinDVD audio filter. The version of PowerDVD I have 3.0 OEM can only do 2.0 audio. When I try to play a DVD (CastAway) with the Powerdvd video and Windvd audio, the audio keeps switching between 2.0 and 5.1. The audio stutters a lot too.

I am using winXP as my OS.
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