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Here's what's new:

(if it's still black on blue text, then highlight it with the mouse)

--- What's new in v2.12:

 * New interface to control the Overlay Color Controls.  I've only
   tested this on an ATI Radeon card.  Not all cards support this
   interface!  For it to even work, you must either load a DVD, or
   make sure that the Overlay Mixer Renderer is enabled in the
   "zplayer.filters" file.  The Information dialog (press "I" with
   video playing) lets you know the current setting.

 * "IRE 0" setting for the overlay controls.  This setting is supposed
   to assure optimum color settings for the display card (which means
   that you should adjust the Monitor/TV/Projector around this setting).
   This setting was designed for the Radeon series of cards and may give
   inappropriate results on other cards.

 * You can now rename DVD Bookmarks from within the Bookmark editor.

 * You can now select which bookmark is Auto-Loaded on play rather
   than having the first book mark loaded.  The selection is done
   through the Bookmark editor.  You can also do this manually by
   adding "AutoLoad." to the file name of a previous bookmark.
   Make sure only to have this "tag" on file per directory.

 * As requested, an Eject button.  You can eject more than just
   CDs, basically any removable media.  You can specify which
   drive to eject on the Options->Values dialog.

 * Added an SVCD filters file.  This files basically set the
   video renderer to the Overlay Mixer so that you can control
   the Aspect Ratio of SVCD files.

 * You can now have the Control Bar appear when the mouse is moved
   to the bottom of the screen.  (Except when it is moved to the
   bottom-right pixel of the screen, as not to conflict with the
   option that moves the mouse there when going fullscreen).

 * New Command line Parameter to switch screen resolution:
   Usage   : /R:(Width,Height,ColorBits,RefreshRate)
   Example : /R:(640,480,16,100)

   No validity verification is done, so be careful not to set
   a mode your screen doesn't support.

 * New pattern mode, pressing Shift+"P" cycles through the various
   pattern modes.

 * Expanded the "zplayer.zdf" examples to cover all the video
   relevant settings used by DivX 3.11 and DivX 4.xx

 * You can now set a negative value to the Control Bar Y-Offset.

 * Few more skinned Control Bar buttons.

 * The "M2V" extension is now looked for when opening files/dirs.

 * I disabled Manual Filter loading by default.

 * Since the arrow keys are used to navigate DVD Menus when a
   DVD is played and a menu is active, you can now use
   Shift+"Arrows" in order to position the video area regardless
   of the current DVD position.

 * When the Aspect Ratio Source Relative Stretch is enabled,
   it will no longer effect the "Fit to Window" setting, as that
   simply didn't make any sense.

 * Changed the method DVD filters are being registered.  However,
   in my limited experience, I couldn't get DVD decoder filters to
   manually load.  There might be some design flaw in the DVD graph
   building system which prevents this from working.

 * The Next/Prev Chapter macros now work with the updated
   chapter format.

 * Add Directory interface doesn't get disabled when going to
   fullscreen mode anymore.

 * Changing the background color while in fullscreen mode will
   now change the color instantly.
Grab the installer at:

Or without the installer at:

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Thank you Blight. Your efforts for freeware never ceased to amaze me. I love Zoomplayer :)

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Nifty! :)

How do I find out more about DVD graphs?

- Tom

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Thanks Blight,

I've been using Zoom Player exclusively the last few weeks since the gamma correction has been available (first via 7199's, and then thru the Zoom interface with older drivers that work better with the ATI 4.1 engine). I appreciate it more everytime I use it. Being able to customize the interface and just about everything else really sets the Zoom Player apart. On top of that, I'm actually getting to like the default skin. I have it set up to start in DVD mode, full screen, with just a few basic buttons on toolbar. Makes for a clean, simple, professional interface.

Keep up the good work!

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First: Good software!

Second: In a machine with ATI AIW 128 and Directx7, transparent background OSD's work. In the other with ATI AIW Radeon and directx8 it does not. Both machines are running WIN2k.

Any ideas ?



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Considering I don't have an ATI card in this machine and that I never felt a need to have transparent backgrounds, I have no ideas.

I'm going to start work on manual filtergraphs for DVD playback right this very moment, if no show-stopper issue comes up (which may very well do since we're talking a microsoft API here), I may have some beta with this sometime later today.
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