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Go over the list, quite a few interesting additions and refinements:

* New File Navigator Interface (Shift+"F").
   The File Navigator Interface allows you to navigate your entire
   file system using simple keystrokes which can be mapped to a
   remote control device.

   [LEFT/RIGHT] arrows switch between Files and Drive selection.

   [UP/DOWN] arrows cycles through the available files in the current
   [ENTER] pick which file to play or Enter/Exit directories.
   [BACKSPACE] is used as a shortcut to go UP one directory.
   [INSERT] when a directory is highlighted will play the entire
   directory, including sub-directories.

   [UP/DOWN] arrows cycle through the available drives, the path
   used is for the active drive is the last path visited.  The
   visited paths are remembered between sessions.
   [ENTER] on a drive will set the file path to the drive's root
   directory and set the focus to the file panel.

 * New DVD Trailers Definition System that allows you to have
   Random and Specific trailers play before every DVD, for more
   information, see the "default.trailers" file in the Zoom Player
   directory.  You can specify which file is used at:
   Option->DVD->DVD Tools.

 * OSD Customization of the Navigator Interfaces.  You can now
   pick the font Face, CharSet, Bold, Italics, Colors that will
   be used on most of the Navigator Interfaces.  I've also
   consolidated the look of the interfaces so that they look
   more coherent.

 * New LCD Communication Interface.
   While not directly controlling LCD devices, this interface
   allows external programs to use certain Zoom Player playback
   information for LCD display.
   See "zplcd100.zip" for more information.

 * New "External" entry on the Options dialog.

 * You can now set the WinDVD DeInterlace and Audio Output modes.
   These settings only take effect if the WinDVD filters are not
   currently active (playing some video) and may not work with
   the trial version of WinDVD.

 * You can now set the PowerDVD DeInterlace and Audio Output modes.
   These settings only take effect if the PowerDVD filters are not
   currently active (playing some video) and may not work with
   all versions of PowerDVD.

 * Faster Folder/DVD image resize code.  Not as good at downsizing
   compared to the previous filtering code, but it's A LOT faster
   and the image still looks very good.  It also gives better
   quality when upsizing the image.

 * Faster Gradient draws (skin script).

 * The Ctrl+"B" Cycle Subtitle track function will now work for
   subtitles displayed using VobSub.

 * The Shift+"B" Disable Subtitle function will now work for
   subtitles displayed using VobSub.

 * New "/CD:[n]" Command Line Parameter to set the Active CD/DVD drive.
   Example: "zplayer.exe /CD:F" will set the Active CD/DVD to drive "F".

 * New "/ADD:[path]" Command Line Parameter that adds entire paths to
   the play list.  For Example:
   "c:\\program files\\zplayer\\zplayer.exe" "/add:e:\\my video files\\"
   Notice the "", if this parameter isn't encased, spaces in the given
   path would be considered a different parameter.

 * New "/FILENAV" Command Line Parameter which starts Zoom Player with
   the File Navigator interface active.

 * New keyboard/remote mapping function "exInterface" to explicitly
   Toggle specific interfaces.

 * New "On Play Complete" toggle that allows the next file
   (alphabetically ordered) in the same directory to be played.

 * New DVD Setting "Assume DVD Menu at all times".  This setting will
   make Zoom Player assume you're in a DVD Menu at all times forcing
   the arrow keys to work only as menu navigation controls.  This is
   useful for problematic discs which seem to confuse DirectShow into
   thinking they are not in a DVD Menu while they are in fact in one.
   When this setting is enabled, you can't use the Arrow keys to
   position the video in DVD Mode, however, you can still use the
   Shift+Arrow keys to perform the same task.

 * New Interface Setting "Move Mouse off-screen when Mouse is hidden
   by inactivity".  I think it's pretty self-explanatory, it just moves
   the mouse cursor off-screen when it's hidden due to inactivity.

 * New "Set as Default" button on the Overlay Colors dialog that allows
   you to save the current Overlay Color settings as the default values
   which are used each time you press the "Restore Default" button.

 * New "Anamorphic Aspect Ratio is relative to" selection box that
   allows you to define if the Anamorphic AR mode is relative to
   the source aspect ratio or to the defined video dimension.

 * The mouse double click can now be assigned to Toggle the Overlay
   Color Control interface.

 * The Media mode "Subtitle" context-menu entry has been changed
   to "Language".  It should now behave exactly as the Media Player
   "Language" entry works, and as such should also display OGG
   Audio/Video selection entries.

 * As per the change above, OGG stream selection should now work.
   If both OGG and VobSub are in use, OGG takes precedent.  So make
   sure your ogg subtitles are actually within the OGG file.

 * You can now set the CD/DVD drive through the "DVD->DVD Values"
   interface.  This is EXACTLY the same setting as the one at
   "Values & Tools->Interface", I duplicated the setting so people
   could find it when looking for it in a DVD Context.

 * You can now associate the M3U play list extension.

 * You can now disable the Mouse Cursor from Auto-Hiding.  Also,
   the Auto-Hide setting for the Control Bar has been moved next to
   the "Hide in [n] Seconds" value in order to make it more accessible.

 * The Volume Increase/Decrease keys has been changed from "Home"/"End"
   to Shift+"Home"/Shift+"End". I've also changed the play previous/next
   files in directory keys from "PgUp"/"PgDn" to Shift+"PgUp"/Shift+"PgDn"
   The idea behind these changes is that now these keys are available
   for use in the navigation interfaces.

 * Modified the DVD Menu detection code once again, this time it's
   a hybrid between the old system and the newer system, hopefully
   this should work best with most discs, especially the odd ones
   with very deep menus which confuse directshow.

 * Fixed a skin issue with the Volume and Rate bars.

 * Going in and out of fullscreen mode no longer breaks Drag&Drop
   onto the Play List editor.

 * Pressing Space in Checkbox lists should no longer jump to different

 * Enter key now works in the Play List Editor and the Chapter/Bookmark
   editor to play an Item.

 * Removing items from the play list, no longer interferes with the
   playback order.

 * Removing the currently playing video from the Play List will
   now stop playback and close the video.

 * Fixed list index out of bounds error when opening play list files
   with Random Play enabled.

 * Exiting Zoom Player while in Zoom/Fullscreen mode will no longer
   set the window position to the top left corner.

 * Mute status is now remembered upon exiting Zoom Player.

 * Opening a Directory will no longer add files that contain acceptable
   extensions as part of their base names.
   For example, this file name is no longer considered valid:

 * While not really designed for it, the Play List Editor should now
   be easier to navigate using a remote device.

 * Deleting items through the Play List Navigator now works.

 * Add Directory should now work under Win9x when adding the root drive.

 * Context Help should now open the associated web page rather than just
   showing it's URL.
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Blight I'm not sure if this is an ogg bug or a zoom bug:

If I create an ogg sampled at 48khz and another at 32khz and mux them into an ogm (with a video stream), when I switch to the second audio stream, the pitch is wrong.

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It can play MPEG2 files, however SVCDs have wrapper overhead which to-date, no proper filter can parse. However, I understand that the same people that work on the XCD project are also working on a filter.

Right now, you have to extract SVCD images using VCD Gear in order to play SVCD MPEG2 files in Zoom Player.

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To Blight,

I currently use ZoomPlayer 2.50 and I found that I can only use ATi DVD 5.0 but not 7.6. To be more precise, I cannot output AC-3 or DTS stream if I use ATi DVD 7.6. Any idea? My sound card is SB Live! and my OS is WinME. Please figure it out. Many thanks! I love ZoomPlayer and DVD Genie.

With Best Regards

Clement H. S. Jou

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finally got a chance to try out the Trailer feature. It is perfect, very very cool.

One small bug - in between the trailer and the start of the movie, the opening splash screen (The Zoom Player white screen) shows up again.


Andy K.

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when I use the overlay controls through Zoom, nothing changes whatsoever in the picture....

ATI 7500 Radeon

Windows XP

what am I doing wrong?

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mmmh, fact is that when I use Powerstrip or I go into Desktop, Settings, etc... Advanced..., I can change gamma, brightness etc... But not via your player overlay interface

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Originally posted by gnollo

when I use the overlay controls through Zoom, nothing changes whatsoever in the picture....

ATI 7500 Radeon

Windows XP

what am I doing wrong?
I'm not Blight, but I throw in my two cents.

I have Win XP + ZP + Radeon 7000 and overlay controls work just fine under ZP. I have been using drivers 6015, 6025 and 6043 with same results.
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