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I'm at my wits end trying to get this to work.

I did use the search function to no avail. - although I know I've seen threads just like this one in the not to distant past.... looked can't find them. Went through most other online help.

Got 2 computers exhibiting the same problems.Windows XP SP2 on Althon XP w/ 8500dv and A64 w/ 9600xt . Using the "standard" setup ZP, sonic, ffdshow, ac3filter... etc etc. I can play avi, ts, mpeg, ripped vob's fine. - no problem.

I can't play a (* DVD to same my life though. ZP locks up after 2 seconds ( shows on the bar) on dvd's in the dvd drive. And ZP locks up after 6 seconds on ripped dvd playing the IFO.

BTW - MP10 locks up about the same.

what I've done to try to remedy.

- different decoder filters - elecard, windvd (video and audio)

- different overlays - vrm9, standard mixer

- manual dvdgraph with graphedit.

- uninstalled ZP, FDDshow, filters and reinstall bare minimum

- update video drivers

- straight VGA feed instead of ATI Dongle ( which gave me macrovision errors, any fix for 720p )

I seems to me that if it happens on two systems I got some switch or fitler misplaced.

Thank you for any suggestions
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