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I tried Zoomplayer in a deeper way tonight and I'm very impressed. Really a good job!!!

I use it with the latest Ravisent Codecs (Video and Audio), but there are some questions.

I'm able to bring some new filters via zplayer.filters into th game but the program uses always the manuelly registered, in the case iviaudio.ax.

I can see the new filters under FilterProperties. In fact I can bring in the filters twice under a different name through Zplayer.filters, but the aren't uses untill I manually de-register iviaudio.ax through the regsvr32 C:\\iviaudio.ax /u command.

How can I tell Zoomplayer to use special filters without the regsvr32 command.

Because I'm not sure which video filter is used. Under Filter properties I see

1) Video Renderer

2) Ravisent DS Video Decoder

Which one is used? How can I see which filter generally is used by the Zoomplayer and how can I changed the used without regsvr32?

What is the sense of the zplayer.filters if not selecting the filters?

Thanks in advance.

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