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Hi all,

after having had numerous problems with sound of the new

WinDVD4-Player and my M-Audio-Card under XP, i reverted to

ME and everything seems to run smooth so far. Picture and

soundquality of WINDVD4 is extraordinary!

Now i want to make ZOOM my major player, which worked

well for DVD-mode by using the standard graph WinDVD 3.1 for M-Audio SP/DIF.

Bummer for me is audio from my numerous VOB-files containing music in the format: every title is one VOB, sound

is DD on stream-ID 80 or DTS on stream-ID 88, only 1 stream included.

DTS-vobs have no sound at all, no audio decoder is loaded.

DD-vobs have stereo sound downmixed, audio decoder loaded, but no option for SP/DIF passthrough.

Am i missing something here or is it just not possible?

PowerDVD and WinDVD-player handle the vobs well,

but playlist-functionality is so much better with ZOOM!

Any hint appreciated!

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