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Howdy all,


New guy here…  Just got my new ZT60 setup and am very impressed with the picture quality right out of the box.


I do have a problem getting the smart audio to go through my AV receiver. I have found several suggestions on the forum, but none of them applied to my particular equipment, and after trying none have worked for me.


From what I discovered, the RX-V863 does not support ARC, so I have connected a Digital Optical cable between the D.O. out on the TV to the DTV D.O. on the receiver. Still no dice. I tried using each of the D.O. inputs on the receiver to no avail. I also have been through all the setup menus on both the tv and the receiver and can't really find any settings related to the problem.


I know I have to be missing something in the settings somewhere. Anyone have experience with this issue and solve it?


Thanks in advance for your help
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