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Hi everyone!

I'm a little confused. I just got a Zvox Soundbase 420 soundbar for my birthday and it's hooked up in my bedroom via optical cable to my Sony KDL-40ex500 which also has a ROKU 3 connected to it via HDMI.

My question is this... I know my Sony passes through a DD 5.1 sound signal but my ZVOX 420 cant decode it... so, should I be making everything decode to a 2.0 pcm? Is my ZVOX 420 even able to discretely handle 5.1 channels anyhow or is it designed for 2.0 input only which it will turn into a "virtual" 5.1 soundfield?

Hope that makes sense. I'm a little worried as most of my shows that I download are watched over my network on a Plex media server (Via my ROKU 3) and encoded in AC3 5.1 which my ZVOX cant play. Is there a way to get everything playing in PCM over the plex/roku 3 combo if that is the case? If not I have a lot of files that will play with no sound!

Any help is appreciated!


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