Will Your Next TV be an 8K TV?

Yes or no question, will your next TV be an 8K TV? 2019 is the first year where there are multiple consumer choices in the 8K category. To buy an 8K TV today is to be an early adopter in the super premium TV segment. However, it’s reasonable to expect that the cost of an 8K TV will come down and the availability will go up over time.

For this poll, the question is simple, but the answer is not as simple. It may be that you expect your next TV to be 8K because you don’t plan to buy one for a few years, and by then you expect 8K to be ubiquitous. Or it could be that you are looking at an upgrade now and have decided that you want the absolute top of the line offering from LG (Signature Z9 88” OLED), Sony (Z9G) or Samsung (Q900). Or perhaps you expect to purchase a 4K TV for your next TV and wait another generation before looking at 8K.

Whatever the answer, if you have a minute please leave a comment explaining your vote. Please note that this is a separate question from whether you will ever buy an 8K TV. It’s specifically about your next TV.

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Main graphic by S.Gvozd from shutterstock.com