Hands On: AC Infinity Aircom Series T8 and T9 Component Cooling Fans

AC Infinity’s Aircom Series makes fans that provide a flexible, easy solution to air circulation problems. This is a good thing because sometimes space in a system rack or stack can be tight, and gear like AVRs and amplifiers can run hot.

When I was asked if I wanted to check out the AC Infinity Aircom Series, I was not sure what to expect quality-wise. But, with a price point of $99, they are neither cheap (in fan terms) nor expensive (in home theater gear terms). So I said sure, I’ll check these cool fans out

Upon unpacking the Aircom T8 and Aircom T9, it became clear that these are not toys. they are serious cooling machines that are highly customizable. If you need hard core ventilation, they can spin up and make some air move at the cost of making some noise. But if all you need is continuous, effectively silent ventilation, a tweak of the controls is all it takes to ramp the fans down to the point where you can’t hear them spinning.

The T8 and T9 are the company’s two top models for AV component ventilation—AC Infinity makes other kinds of AV ventilation solutions like duct fans and rack fans. The T8 is a “blower” that sucks air in from its underside and vents it to the rear. The T9 pulls air in from the bottom and vents through the top.

These units are programmable and customizable through an LED front panel which also provides real-time temperature updates. You can choose from 6 different speeds and even program it to vary the fan speed based on temperature. Plus, the brightness of the LED display is adjustable, with three different settings.

So anyhow, the fans. I have used the two Aircom units for several months. They do exactly what I hoped they’d do, which is silently kept my systems cool. I don’t need anything more than the minimum speed setting of either unit to maintain a nice and cool temp. Without the T8 or T9, my AVRs temperature can reach 120+ degrees when in use. But with the fans set to low, now the temperature does not get above 95 degrees, even during extended surround-sound listening sessions.

And with dual-bearing Motors that feature a lifespan rating of 67,000 hours, these fans are good for over seven years of continuous 24 hour per day use before they need servicing. That means in a typical home theater or stereo system, if used for perhaps a few hours per day, they’ll probably last a lifetime.

The T8 uses three “blowers” providing up to 160 CFM of airflow and can be as quiet as 24 dBA at its lowest setting. The T9 has three fans that can move up to 210 CFM of air and can be as quiet as 21 dBA at its lowest setting. As I’ve noted, both fans are effectively silent running on low.

If the $99 price seems right, I recommend AC Infinity’s Aircom series AV component cooling fans. You can rack mount them, but they also have little rubber feet that allow them to be placed directly on top of an AVR or amplifier. Furthermore, these units are designed so you can stack up to 30 lb of gear on top of them. Like I said, these are not toys.

I’m sure there are other options you could pursue to cool an AVR or amp. Indeed, AC infinity has less-expensive options. But to my sensibility, with AC Infinity’s Aircom T8 and T9, you get a solid, silent, flexible, reliable, useful AV cooling system that offers high quality construction and a lot of capability for $99.

Given that heat is the enemy of audio equipment, it’s a worthwhile investment for any system where achieving adequate ventilation is a challenge, or if you simply feel better knowing your top-tier AVR’s components are staying nice and cool. As a bonus, these Aircom coolers keep dust from settling inside your gear.

AC Infinity’s Aircom T8 and T9 are one of the best accessories I’ve used with my two AVR-based systems. The benefit—keeping AV electronics cool in tight spaces—is tangible. I’m done improvising cooling solutions, the AC Infinity Aircom series has totally solved my AV component cooling needs. I never thought I’d get excited about a ventilation fan!

You can read more info about the top-venting T9 fan here and the rear-venting T8 blower, and other AC Infinity AV cooling solutions by clicking here.